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Twice the Sweetness * Lancaster Newborn Twin Photographer

I love photographing twins.  Yes, the sessions are extra long, require more sets of hands, and there is usually twice as much peeing and pooping going on.  But, I love that I can do so many different poses because there is usually always one baby who is asleep!  (Generally a good portion of a session is just feeding and soothing baby).

I also love the challenge of capturing two babies in a peaceful sleep that shows how precious they are as a pair and as individuals.

And, maybe I also especially love photographing twin girls because I am also twin. :)

These two little beauties were in the hospital for a while, so at 9 weeks, they were slightly more unpredictable with sleep and flexibility than a true newborn.  But, they did so well.   Take a look at these precious little girls.

Lancaster Newborn Twin Photographer Lancaster Newborn Twin Photographer Newborn Twin Photography Newborn Twin Photography Newborn Photography Newborn Photography Newborn Twin Photography Newborn Twin Photography Newborn Twin Photographer


Mom and dad don’t know if they identical or not (isn’t that crazy?)  – what do you think? :)

Newborn Twin Photographer


Oh, and take a look at this canvas collage they now have hanging in their home!  I don’t think I’d be able to pass it without stopping and marveling at how precious my babies where!

Newborn Twin Photographer

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