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Sweet Evan * Lancaster Portrait Photographer

It was my absolute joy and pleasure to meet Evan and his family.  Evan is 5 years old, and was diagnosed with an extremely rare chromosomal deletion which causes him to suffer from many physical and mental delays. However, in an email his mom wrote to me, she said “Despite all of these things, Evan has been such a blessing to our family.  When he is happy and feeling well, his smile just lights up the room!  The strength that he displays to get through each and every day is truly what makes him my hero!”

After reading what mom wrote about this little guy, I was really looking forward to meeting them.   However, as I was driving to our session, I started to see dark clouds forming.  I began thinking through ways I would have to try and find light on this now-dreary day.   Then, I pulled up to the location, and literally the second I stopped the car, the rain drops started….and then grew heavier.  I had barely been able to say hello to the family before we each had to jump into our cars.    Neither of us knew what to do.  I was fine with rescheduling, but mom had told me that Evan only has a few good (happy) days a month, and this was one of them!   So, we all sat in our cars and stared at the sky, praying that God will take away the rain.   And, amazing, it was about 5 minutes later that I started to see the clouds breaking up and a bright blue sky showing through.  About 10 minutes later, the wind had totally blown the clouds away,  and we were out of our cars looking at a beautiful evening.

It was such a pleasure to meet sweet little Evan, and it was an even greater pleasure to see how absolutely loved he is.  His older brothers are so amazing with him – the way they talked to him, touched him and took care of him was so beautiful to see.    I was honored to meet such a wonderful family – they are each heroes to me!

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