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Happy Easter!

Since I don’t have a separate blog for my personal and professional pictures, I put them both here!  This was a fun activity our oldest two kids did to celebrate the story of Easter.  Go grab your kids and see if they know what is happening in each of these Lego scenes!  (If you need help, go to Matthew 26, Mark 14, or Luke 22).  Have a blessed Easter!

01 02 Jesus demonstrates how to serve others by washing the disciple’s feet.
03 04

Jesus and his 12 disciples eating the Last Supper in the upper room.  He tells them that He will soon die and then rise again, but they don’t understand.



Jesus knows the time is near.  In the garden of Gethsemane, He tells his disciples to pray for him, but they fall asleep.


06 Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested at Gethsemane.


07 Peter thinks he needs to protect Jesus and cuts off a soldier’s ear!  Jesus stops Peter and miraculously re-attaches the soldier’s ear.



The disciples run away in fear, but Peter stays nearby.  Peter is asked three times if he knows Jesus, and  three times Peter denies he knows Him.


09 The rooster crows right after Peter’s denial, just like Jesus said it would.  Peter is very sad when he realizes what he has done.



12 Jesus is condemned before the High Priests.  He doesn’t try to defend himself because he knows his death is necessary because of our sin.


13 14 Jesus is then taken to Pilate.  Before a crowd, Pilate offers to release either a criminal named Barabbas or Jesus.  The angry crowd wants Barabbas released and Jesus crucified.




Jesus is beaten, mocked and then led away to be crucified.  Jesus was unable to carry the cross, so the soldiers forced a bystander named Simon to do it instead.



18 Jesus is nailed to a cross in between two criminals.  He dies a slow and painful death.  When he dies, miraculous events occur that show he really was the Son of God.




His body is placed in a tomb.  It was sealed with a huge stone and guards were posted.  The High Priests don’t want anyone to be able to steal His body and then claim He was raised from the dead.


21 Three days later, when some women who loved Jesus went to His tomb, they found the stone had been rolled away and it was empty!  They saw an angel who told them that Jesus was risen!  After that, many people saw Jesus alive before he went back to heaven to be with his Father.   What a wonderful Easter!

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