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It is so hard to believe how fast babies change.  It is literally right before your eyes.  For me, the problem with that is it is so hard to remember what they were like.  Even as I look back at pictures, I find it hard to compare because the pictures themselves are so different.   So, I love doing comparison pictures like the one below.  They do require some planning to ensure as many of the details as possible stay the same – but I encourage you to try something like this.

photography tips, baby photography

Here are some tips:

1. Always take the picture in the same exact spot of your house, and during the same time of day so the light is similar.  The best spot would be right near a window so you don’t need to use flash.

2.  Clear out all the background clutter possible so the focus is on the baby.

3. Ideally you want the clothing to be the same.  So, you can do a naked baby/diaper shot, or if you are really thinking ahead – buy an identical clothing piece like a onsie in 3 different size.  I like to keep as much skin showing as possible though.

4. Keep your camera angle the same.  When doing the second picture, print out a copy of the first picture so you can refer to it as you take the second one.

5. Try and get a shot where the baby is in a similar position.  I wouldn’t recommend you doing what I did because both of these shots are photoshop composites. A 3 month old cannot sit up by them self, and I wouldn’t leave a 7 month old alone on a stool.  :)  The easiest thing would probably be to have your baby sit up against a couch or chair, or have them laying on their back.   Another idea is to have a parent  hold the baby.  You would want to make sure things like your outfit, hair style, and the position you held the baby in remained the same.

Drop me a line if have any questions!  (  I’ll be posting a 12 month old shot soon (as sad as it makes me…why do they have to grow so fast?)  I just need to knit a bigger diaper cover.  Poor thing was losing her circulation I think! :)

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