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Family Photography * What to Wear?

Okay, the session is booked and the date reserved.  Whew, you do a little sigh of relief – until suddenly, the day before the session panic sets in….what are we going to wear?!?   So, that night you frantically pull piece after piece of clothing out of everyone’s closets.  It’s all strewn around the room and piled on the bed.  Dad’s shirt goes with sister’s dress, but brother has nothing that matches.  The baby recently grew out of her shoes and the only ones that match have Elmo on them…and of course you have nothing to wear!  So, you shrug your shoulders, and throw what you can together.

That is a situation I hope to help you avoid!  Figuring out what to wear is probably the toughest part about having a portrait session done.   It is especially tricky when trying to coordinate outfits for the whole family.    You don’t want to look matchy-matchy, yet everyone needs to somehow “go” together.

The reason I’m doing a post about this is because your clothing is VERY important.  It really has a large impact on your portraits.  I always tell people – you are spending a good amount of money on a session.  Your clothing is a part of that.  Take time to plan ahead and go shopping if you need to!

I do have specific tips/suggestions in the packet of info I send out to clients, but sometimes you just need to visualize.  So, I did a little online “shopping.”  And, let me tell you – it was really fun!  I almost never shop online – but wow – what a time saver doing it this way!

As a general rule, your clothing should be comfortable and allow you to move around easily.   And, when you are putting together outfits, pull out the colors from one person’s outfit, and dress other family members in those colors.  Try to stick with clothing that is simple (not busy), but incorporate layers (jackets), textures (like ruffles) and jewelry for a great look!

And, if you are unsure, feel free to bring a bunch of outfits along with you to your session and we’ll decide together what looks best!

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